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Satellite Internet connection allows you to connect to the Internet using a satellite dish. Whenever you surf Internet, a request for a web page is sent from your computer to a satellite using a satellite dish. Here you can find Satellite High Speed Internet providers available in your area. Compare plans, price, features and promotion offers of industry best high speed Satellite Internet providers - HughesNet, WildBlue, Earthlink, AT&T and choose one that fits your budget and need.
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HughesNet Satellite Internet

With HughesNet® as your high-speed satellite Internet service, your super-fast, always-on, satellite Internet access is ready when you are – no dialing in, no waiting, and no tied-up phone lines. You can download files in seconds, check email instantly, and surf faster than you ever imagined. And HughesNet is compatible with Windows® and Macintosh®, so it's easy to get online anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

Basic $39.99/month for 3 months - Download speed up to 1.0 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 200 Kbps
Power 150 $79.99/month - Download speed up to 1.5 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 250 Kbps
Power 200 $109.99/month - Download speed up to 2.0 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 300 Kbps

WildBlue Satellite Internet

WildBlue delivers affordable two-way broadband Internet access via satellite to virtually any home and small business in small cities and rural America. WildBlue uses a 26-inch satellite minidish equipped with both a transmitter and receiver for two-way satellite connectivity to the Internet. It is accessible to virtually every home and small business in the contiguous U.S.

WildBlue Satellite Internet Plans

Moderate $49.99/month - 7.5GB/month data plan
- Perfect for video downloads, photo sharing, music streaming, social networking and email.
More $79.99/month - 15GB/month data plan
- Great for those who spend more time on the Internet, use more data and watch online videos.
Most $129.99/month - 25GB/month data plan
- Gives you most of all the things you love to do.

Earthlink Satellite Internet

Earthlink Satellite Internet access is powered by HughesNet, America's #1 choice for broadband by satellite. You'll get a super-fast, always-on Internet connection via 2-way satellite that won't tie up your phone. Satellite Internet is available nationwide. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

Earthlink Satellite Internet Plans

Basic $39.99/month for 3 months - Download speed up to 1.0 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 200 Kbps
Power 150 $79.99/month - Download speed up to 1.5 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 250 Kbps
Power 200 $109.99/month - Download speed up to 2.0 Mbps.
- Upload speed up to 300 Kbps

Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband is an alternative for internet users who do not have the availability of DSL or Cable Broadband access. In remote or rural areas Satellite Broadband provides high speed internet access that is more reliable than the internet access via phone network. Satellite Broadband services can Asynchronous or Synchronous. In case of Asynchronous Satellite Broadband service, the upstream and downstream speeds are different, with downstream speed being faster than the upstream speed. Synchronous Satellite Broadband services have the same upstream and downstream speeds. Download speeds are in the range of 64 - 400 kbps while upload speeds are up to 33kbps maximum with a normal 56kbps modem. Speeds also depend upon traffic volume and weather conditions.

A Satellite Broadband system involves the Satellite, Base station, Receiving antenna at consumer's end and a phone modem for uploading data to base station and further to Satellite. Though the data is downloaded directly to receiving antenna at consumer's end, however a phone modem is required for uploading data to base station and to satellite.

However now 2-way satellite connection services are also being made available whereby the phone modem is no longer required for data upload. The 2-way satellite broadband services can give download speeds of up to 512 kbps and upload speeds of 64 or 128 kbps. Moreover the connection is always-on since phone modem is not required, instead there is a special satellite modem connected to the PC.

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